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On Why Counterfeit Cannot Be More Than A Fake Friend

Posted on Jul 29, 2014. 0 comments

A few days ago, I was reading an article on about even some high profile fashion industry workers buying a fake purse or sold out pair of earrings.
Their reasons were anywhere from paying less for a piece that is still very nice or not being able to get the real thing because it had sold out in minutes.
Some guilt was involved.

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On finding your uniform and sticking to it as if there was no tomorrow

Posted on Jun 12, 2014. 0 comments

Chances are, if you’ve ever had to wear a uniform either at school or at work, the word itself gives you hives.

I am talking Fashion uniform here, as in Makes-You-Look-Like-a-Million-Bucks uniform, not fast food apron!

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On rocking overalls, socks in sandals, cropped tops and other fashion risks

Posted on Apr 30, 2014. 0 comments

If you’re not part of the 9% of fashion darers (Yes, I totally made up that stat.And yes, my made up 9% stat include all models, actresses, singers, it-girls and other styled-by-a-personal-stylist street styler dreams, so you get the idea : you won’t find many of those “fashion darers” IRL!), odds are your wardrobe basically consists of dark jeans, white t-shirts and knee-length skirts, a.k.a. safe choices.

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On How Wardrobe Might Be the Most Important Part of TV Shows and Movies Atmosphere Setting

Posted on Apr 04, 2014. 0 comments

I am a huge TV show consumer.

I barely find myself watching movies anymore (I am too busy hunting down fashion treasures for you gals !), and I feel like nowadays, the best actors are on TV anyway.
I mean, Hello Matthew McConaughey, Jon Hamm, Glenn Close,…

Plus TV shows, because of their shorter format and the fact that they run for several seasons, seem to better capture the Right Now.

Have you ever watched Girls ? (If not, damn, you’re missing out !).

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On the Science of Shopping

Posted on Mar 04, 2014. 0 comments

And let’s start by clarifying things here: YES, Shopping IS a science!
(And YES, I always knew I would be good at science too, one day).

So here is the cold truth :

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Is Fashion « Instant Language » Everywhere or Does It All depend on your Geographical Coordinates ?

Posted on Jan 30, 2014. 1 comment

There are MANY differences between what personal style can or cannot do for you, depending on where you live or have been raised.

A good example of that is how differently American and French people (YES, I AM exploiting my bi cultural background AGAIN !) « communicate » through fashion.

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2014, The Year of A Better YOU

Posted on Jan 03, 2014. 0 comments

What will 2014 be for you ?

For me, I want it to be the year of Enhancement.

You know how those magazines and commercials advertise products or ideas to be you, only better ?

Well, I actually think that IS the way to go.

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On The Essence Of Chic

Posted on Oct 14, 2013. 0 comments

A few minutes ago, when I was in college (what do you mean « it was 1995 » ?...Anyway…) NOT LONG AGO, back in college, when I met one of my now bestest friends Leeloo, I was already looking up to c... Read more »